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New Show for 2024! Mysteries and Marvels

Tailor-made for this year's Summer Reading theme: Adventure Begins At Your Library

The Professor Show was created with one goal in mind: for every single patron to enjoy it. It's truly a show for all ages, something that parents and their kids can talk about together on the trip home.


Every year Prof. Tony puts together a new show with some classics (Patrons always ask to see him balance a jenga set on his face and get all of the bowls spinning in the air at once). This means you can bring the show back year after year, building a family tradition of seeing new and exciting tricks. The shows are always designed to fit the year's CSLP summer reading theme.

Actual Quotes from Actual Librarians:

Library Performer Professor Tony Balances Jenga

"Professor Tony performed at the Stryker Library today, and what an amazing program it was!  It was full of talent, humor, professionalism and energy! We can't wait to have him back!"

-Stryker Public Library

The Professor Show has been going strong for over five years now! Each year we've brought an incredible new show to patrons around the midwest including:

2024: "Mysteries and Marvels: An Oddity Odessy" for the theme Adventure Begins At Your Library

2023: "A Show for One and a Show For All" for the theme All Together Now!

2022: "Fish & Tricks" for the theme Oceans of Possibilities

2021: "Where the Wild Show Is" for the theme Tails and Tales

2020: "A Not-So Grimm Show" for the theme Imagine Your Story

2019: "Unexpected Flying Objects" for the theme A Universe of Stories

Juggling Workshops Available On Request! Truly an all ages event.

Tony is certified as an instructor by the Youth Juggling Academy. Juggling workshops are a great way to inspire confidence, physical activity and develop hand eye co-ordination. They're great for summer reading programs, of course, but they're also incredibly popular as senior events and adult programming. Juggling scarves make the art of throwing things around accessible to people of all ages and ability levels.

Bring the professor to you!


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