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Press and Promotional Kit

2024 show name: Mysteries and Marvels
2025 show name: Tricks in Technicolor

Social Media! Please Tag:


Instagram: @LibraryEntertainer

Please promote the show as 'The Professor Show'.

Professor Tony Bio:

Professor Tony learned how to juggle after seeing a performer at a library in his hometown of Beavercreek, Ohio. When he's not doing shows he's building, learning new skills and working on perfecting the ones he already has. 

Professor Brian Bio:

Professor Brian comes from Cincinnati and spends his year traveling around the country performing at libraries, county faires and opera houses. He learned how to juggle at the age of 13 and quickly became one of the best technical jugglers in the world.

Promo images! Feel free to use:

2024 Posters! Treasure Map and Ink Friendly!

Professor Show Poster.png
Ink Friendly Poster.png
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