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The Professor of nonsense and throwing things

About Professor Tony

Tony first learned how to juggle when he was twelve years old. He started performing at the age of 16 and after going to the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University he decided his future was in performing. In his free time he builds things, including hidden bookshelf doors, juggling catapults and furniture. He really values the ability to connect with people through live programming and loves being a part of the library community.

Professor Tony Juggling_edited.png
Professor Tony Juggling_edited.png

Professor Tony's Vision

The vision of The Professor Show is to bring high quality programming to communities around Ohio and beyond. The show is entertaining and engaging for people of every single age. Tony genuinely believes that there is no place more perfectly suited for engaging with a community than at their local library.

What can Tony do?

Tony is a comedian, juggler and magician. He balances a Jenga set on his face and plays it, spins a bunch of bowls in the air, juggles seven balls and makes incredible things happen with sleight of hand.

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