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A Not-So Grimm Show

A new and exciting show for 2020's summer reading theme 'Imagine Your Story'! Did you have 'Unexpected Flying Objects' last year? No problem. This show is new and fresh for 2020 with the same high quality. 


Book 'A Not-so Grimm Show' Today!

Magic, comedy, juggling and fairy tales. A Not-So Grimm Show takes the variety arts and mixes them in with themes from classics like Jack and The Bean Stalk, Rumplestiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood and more. 

Here's what you can expect on show day, Tony will arrive 30 minutes before the performance. Set-up takes about 15 minutes, Tony provides his own sound and pre-show music. The show lasts about 45 minutes, with time for questions at the end. The audience will each get a mini-poster to take home so they can remember the show for years to come.

Want to get the best possible rate? Work with another local library to book on the same day and get significant discounts.

Jack and the Beanstalk by Martin Davey
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